Copper Downspouts

Copper Downspouts

There are many types and styles of copper downspouts – round, square, smooth, corrugated and custom. Most copper downspouts are made from 16-ounce standard copper, as this is the most common copper used. Downspouts can be made from 20-ounce copper, but this is very expensive. Almost all custom copper downspouts are soldered at each turn (elbow) with 50/50 solder.

To hold the downspouts to the wall, special pipe bands or cleats are used. They vary in size, profile and style. From a very simple flat band to very decorative shapes and sizes, almost anything the mind can think up can be made. The bands are held to the wall with special copper plated screws if going into wood, and pin-bolt drives if going into brick or stone.

Copper downspouts can beautifully accent a copper gutter system.

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