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Frequently asked questions

Questions fréquements posés

如何預訂場地?需要多久前需預訂?  How to reserve the venue? How long should we make the reserve in advance?

如選擇包場預定,請點選以下連結至我們的預定系統做場地時段預定: https://jur-space.youcanbook.me/ 預定完成後,請依照頁面指示將預定編號傳送給我們,我們會有專人為您做最終確認。確認後需將包場費用全額匯至我們提供的帳戶,待我們收到費用即算預定成功唷! 如選擇自由座預訂,請直接透過我們的官方Line帳號與我們聯繫: https://lin.ee/1ZyvXA223 由於場地預訂是先搶先贏,故我們沒辦法預估您欲預約的時段什麼時後會被其他客人訂走,請您見諒! If you choose to book the whole area, please click the link below to our booking system to make your reservation: https://jur-space.youcanbook.me/ After your reservation, please follow the guideline, and send us the booking reference (#XXXX-XXXX-XXXX), we will soon get in touch with you to make the final confirmation. After confirmation, please remit the venue fee to our bank account we provided, when we received your venue fee, your reservation will be successful. If you choose to reserve for personal use, please directly contact with our official LINE account: https://lin.ee/1ZyvXA223 Due the venue reservation is first to won policy, thus we can’t help you to estimate and hold the venue reservation. It might soon get ordered by another customer, so please make your reservation and payment as soon as possible! Sorry for the inconvenience.

如何取消預訂或更改時間? How to cancel a reservation or change a reservation date/time?

請找到預訂系統傳送給您的預定確認郵件,並點選最下方的取消連結取消預訂。 如需更改時間,待您取消預定後,請重新至預定頁面選擇欲修改的時段。 https://jur-space.youcanbook.me/ Please find the final confirmation email sent by our booking system, and click the cancel link under the bottom of the email. If you want to change the reservation date/time, after cancelling your reservation, please go to the reservation page again to select the time period you want to modify. https://jur-space.youcanbook.me/

預訂的退款機制是什麼? What’s the refund policy?

10天前取消退100%場地費用,7-9天前取消退50%,4-6天前退30%,活動當天至3天前取消不予退費。 Notify us 10 days before get 100% refund of the venue fee, 7-9 days before get 50% refund, 4-6 days before get 30% refund, there will be no refund for cancellation up to 3 days before the event.

預訂前我可以參觀場地(場勘)嗎?須在多久之前提出申請? Can I go visit the venue before I make a reservation? How long should I make the request in advance?

請透過我們官方的Line告知我們您欲場勘的時間,我們有專人會告知您該時段是否方便參觀。 https://lin.ee/1ZyvXA223 Please contact our official LINE account to notify us of the time you wish to visit, we will soon get in touch with you to let you know if the time is available. https://lin.ee/1ZyvXA223

什麼狀況需要收取清潔費? Under what situation need to be charged for cleaning fees?

若您舉辦的活動有外燴廠商進場,我們會酌收清潔費NT$1,500。 假如您自行攜帶小點、飲品,於租用期間維持場地整潔,離場前將垃圾一併帶走的話,我們不會收取清潔費。 If you have a catering service for your event, we will charge a NT$1,500 cleaning fee. If you bring your own drink or dessert, please take the trash with you when you leave, then we won’t charge for any cleaning fee.

是否有提供外燴及場地佈置服務? Do you provide catering service and help set up the venue?

是的,我們有合作的廠商,若需要我們幫忙代訂,請提供您的預算及需求,我們會協助您做規劃。 Yes, we have cooperated with professional catering services. If you need us to help you order catering services, please provide us your budget and demands, we will help you to make a plan.

包場時間有限制嗎?最早幾點可以開始租用?最晚租用到幾點?Is there limit of time for using the venue? What’s earliest and latest time to rent?

包場的可租用區間為7:00-23:00,您可以預定此區間內的任何時間段,最低租用時長為1小時。 自由座的租用區間則為9:00-19:00。 Whole area rental time will be from 7:00-23:00, you can reserve any time during this period. The minimum rental time will be at least 1 hour. For personal space rental will be from 9:00-19:00.